Recreational LED In Your Scooter

In recent years, the scooter has come back into the mobile picture as a popular solution to the standard mode of transportation, especially in urban environments which do not require long commutes. Additionally, the electrical scooter has worked its way into the gadget/technological targeted market growing in popularity among those looking for the latest and greatest devices. As the devices have migrated away from a novelty product to a serious mode of transportation, advances in the design and features have become available. One such addition is the LED for the scooter. The question that arises is “is an LED beneficial for the scooter or is it a superfluous feature?”

If the scooter is considered to be a mode of transportation as it clearly has become, then it would go to reason that there would need to be a lighting solution in order to both provide illumination to the operator as well as to provide a visual marker to others. In most instances, any vehicle which is used primarily for commuting must have some form of lighting. For the scooter standard lighting systems would be a bit problematic due to the design. Could you imagine trying to balance on a front or rear weight loaded balance scooter? You would need to either lean extremely to the front of the back of the scooter in order to remain balanced.

Leds in scooters make practical sense as they are lightweight, last for years, and can be integrated into about any scooter design. Additionally, the power consumption from the Led bar light does not require nearly as much power as a standard light or halogen light solution would require.

Let us be realistic. In most cases the scooter will not be used for everyday commuting but for recreational purposes and as a variation to the mundane commute. As such the recreational benefits of the Led should be addressed. For those using the scooter indoors the lighting provides a way to navigate hallways and rooms without the need to turn on lights and disrupt other people in the house at night. Granted, you will not want to go bumping about in the dark, but if you know the layout of your home and have the room to use the scooter safely, the LED lighting should be the equivalent of a nightlight or a flashlight (which is usually enough to see where you are going).

The scooter depends upon a person being able to navigate the scooter as well as keep their balance while doing so. The LED lighting on these scooters allow the person to see clearer the obstacles and hazards which may be in the way and to avoid them. From a safety perspective, the LED is critical to keeping you on the scooter and not on the ground. Due to the low level of the light placement with a flood light type of bar, there is a minimized risk of bumping into something and being thrown from the vehicle.

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