Installing Off Road LED Light Bars

Now you have chosen you LED light bar for your vehicle and now you want to fit it to your vehicle, but how do you fit it? Many people get excited about choosing an off road LED light bar that they often forget that they have to fit it. The problem is that installing and wiring your LED light bar is not as simple as many believe, even if it is a mini 20 Inch LED light bar popularly installing into our cars.

However, do not panic! The following steps take you through the installation process so your LED light will be installed correctly and securely.

Secure the light to your vehicle

Before you even begin to tackle the wiring ensure that the light bar is fitted to your vehicle securely. Your LED light will come with the necessary screws and washer to ensure that it is fitted correctly but making sure that all of the correct parts are present is crucial.

The first thing you will need to do is secure the light to the mounting bracket. Tighten it enough so it is secured firmly and once it is in place the bracket can be added to the vehicle.

Your vehicle may be pre-drilled and if this is the case then this is a simple step but you may find that you have to drill the holes yourself. Set out the position of the holes on the bracket and then proceed to drill the holes to the correct size, ensuring they are in the correct position.

Wiring up the light

With the light now securely fitted to your vehicle it is time to wire it up. This step involves connecting the wires from the light to the relay switch. The red wire on the light will have to be connected to the red wire on the switch and the black wire on the light will have to be connected to the black wire on the switch. To make the connection the wires can either be soldered or butt-connectors can be used. Butt-connectors are probably the best option unless you are excellent at soldering. After you have connected them, wrap the wires in electric tape to ensure that any possible bare wires are covered.

Battery Connection

With the light and relay switch connected up it is time to make the connection to the battery using the other wires form the relay switch up to the battery. The red wire from the switch must be connected to the positive terminal of the battery while the black wire goes to the negative terminal.

Before making the connection, rub the terminals using an abrasive as this will remove any corrosion ensuring that a better connection is made. Tighten the connectors and now test the lights.


It is important that you test the off road LED light bar before taking them out on the road. Test the mounting bracket to ensure that it is correctly fitted and then check the wiring. Make sure that the right connections have been made and then turn the lights off and on several times to ensure that the switch is working in the correct way.

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