1. What is LED driving lights or LED light bar for truck off-road?

There are many changes that you can make to your vehicle in order to enhance the way it performs. Your vehicle may be the best on the market but this does not mean that it is perfect. There is always something that can be changed to make a vehicle better. This could be the fuel efficiency, the power and even the interior.

However, one change that can offer many benefits is an LED driving lights. Customizing your vehicle with an LED driving lights can offer many advantages and it can improve your confidence when you drive as well as your safety.

Untimately, a light bar is a short array of bright LED lights. There work alongside the headlights of your vehicle offering you more light and better vision. They are wider, brighter and the beam of light is more penetrating in all directions. They are extremely beneficial for night driving on roads that are not illuminated but also work areas.

When it comes to night driving light bars produce and enormous amount of light and this provides a greater range of visibility than the stock headlights. They offer you extreme durability which makes them perfect in all weather.

2. How to select LED light bar & LED work light for your vehicle?

There are many benefits that come with installing an LED work light or light bar but it is still important that you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right one for your vehicle. The following list should help you consider your requirements which will lead to you making the right choise.

The size is important as it has to fit in with the size of your vehicle. When considering the size of the LED bar that you require, take into account how it will mount to your vehicle. This is an easy way of understanding which LED light is right for you.

The shape of the bar is crucial and they mainly come in rectangle, square or round shapes. The shape of the bars can determine the amount of light that it gives off but it can also play a part in how it is mounted to your vehicle. Decide where you want to locate it beforehand and then choose the shape that meets your needs.

The angle of the beam is important and for light that has a long reach and is required for road driving then spot beam or flood beam is best. There is also the possibility of choosing the two patterms so that it can help you whereever you decide to drive.

LED work light comes in a number of colors such as white, amber white, blue and red. What you choose is down to personal preference but they have their own benefits. The white light is the brightest but take a look at the options and base your selection around functionality and suitability.

The amount of light that the bar gives off is measured in lumens and every bar can be different. How much light you need will determine the brightness you require.

These are the main features that you need to take into consideration when making you choice but the design and layout of the lights is equally as important. The water resistance that they offer as well as the voltage and connector type are all crucial considerations.

3. Why to buy LED light bar and driving lights for your vehicle?

Have you ever been in your vehicle on a dark evening, travelling down a road that you have never travelled down before? If so then you will understand how inadequate your factory fitted headlights can be on their own. Bad weather can make things even worse and once you add fog, snow and rain into the equation then your vision becomes even more impaired. This makes driving extremely dangerous.

When situations like this arise, and LED light bar can make a huge difference. They can help you to drive safety, navigate bad weather and ensure that others on the road remain safe. Returning to home safely is something that you cannot put a price on.

Installing an LED light bar on your vehicle will offer more light in front of your vehicle allowing you to see more of the road meaning that you do not have rely on the poor light coming from your headlights. Your driving experience can be increased when you choose to install an LED light bar.

4. Which beam is more suitable for your auto?

Regular beams include in spot, flood and combo pattern of LED light bars, here is a brief description of three beam patterns that might help you choose the beam of your LED light bar.

Spot Beam Pattern: Spotlight beam pattern are recognized for the narrow, long reaching illumination they cast. It is also referred to as pencil beam because the cone of light it produces forms a narrow-angle of spread, between 8-30 degree, leading to a more concentrated light. As the effective distance of radiation is longer, an LED light bar with spotlight beam can be used according to the specific lighting requirement of any task. Like if you are driving the off-road vehicle at night or sailing and want a focused intense beam to light a certain area then spot beam is a good option.

A potent LED light bar equipped with spotlight bulbs has the ability to reach and illuminate longer distance so that you are aware of upcoming hazards in time, but you might have to sacrifice the side to side illumination.

Flood Beam Pattern: Floodlight beams are an opposite of spotlight beams. The illumination they cast cover a wider range, the light is more spread out though it might not reach a very long distance. The beam has a cone of light 40-60 degrees wide and the intensity is not too high.

Though floodlight might not be the best choice for the ordinary driving situation but they are really optimum for off-road driving in a bumpy landscape when driving is not at very high speeds. Flood LED light bar is actually a preferred choice for off road as there are a greater risk of hazards on a track like rocks or deep holes etc, making them more valuable to have an all-encompassing wash of light to avoid any unwanted incident.

Combo Beam Pattern: A combination LED light bar is the light that has both the component features of flood and spotlight bulbs, making it suitable for an even wider range of applications. They are the most commonly used and are a popular choice due to their versatility and diversity as they help you handle any situation effectively than with just one LED light bar. You can avail not only the high brightness in a greater range, but also long distance intense focusing effect. Both have their individual purposes and can work together as a perfect combination to provide greater distance with spread illumination to your satisfaction!