Essential Items To Caravan Travel

There has never been a better way to explore the world than in the comfort of a transportable home in your caravan or campervan. Whether you own a campervan or are simply renting one for a holiday; they are an excellent way to explore the land and making your trip tailored to you.

If bad weather hits, traffic builds up, or you simply need a break from driving you can pull up somewhere safe and dive into the luxury of your home. Instead of expensive hotels with inconvenient check in and out times, your accommodation is always ready and waiting for you whenever you need it.

So, if you’re planning a campervan break, here are ten essential items to pack to make your traveling a success and your holiday the most enjoyable yet.

  1. Awning

A great way to maximise your space and create another room that’s perfect for enjoying the sunshine and the view or sheltering from the rain in by having an awning. An awning is compact so won’t take up too much space when traveling but gives you a great dining area or for sitting back and relaxing.

  1. Microfibre towels

Lightweight, absorbent and easily compressed; microfibre towels are a great space-saving solution. Microfibre towels dry really quickly, so you do not need to make drying space in an already cramped area. Simply hang up for a couple of minutes, then roll up and continue your journey.

  1. Fire extinguisher and first aid kit

Safety is paramount in your moving home, so make sure you always have a fire extinguisher on board, just in case. A first aid kit can also be incredibly useful; it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Windscreen cover

To insulate your traveling home during the cooler nights, or to block the heat during the day, windshield covers and window shields are invaluable at keeping the temperature in the campervan regulated and stable.

  1. Folding table and chairs

To set up al fresco dining anywhere you choose, a folding table and chairs set is a must-have. Space saving and practical they are ideal for your vacation.

  1. Tupperware boxes

To keep food fresh and to store items from dinner until breakfast a few Tupperware boxes can help to keep your food safe from flies and ensure nothing is wasted from one meal to the next.

  1. Lighting

To keep your van safe on the roads or to make sure you can see your game of cards in the evening in the awning, the LED work lights or LED light bars are an incredibly useful and versatile lighting option to give you a well-illuminated view. Perfect for finding your campervan late at night and keeping your pitch well lit for evening activities; you’ll find many uses for a light bar.

  1. Seat organizer

To keep all your essential items close to hand, an organizer that hangs on the back of the seat can keep all the smaller items safe and secure and easily accessible.

  1. Breakdown equipment

Depending on where you are traveling, there are different requirements for what breakdown essentials you’ll need for your trip. A fluorescent jacket and warning triangle are important pieces of kit to keep you safe on the road.

  1. Camera

Make sure you make your trip unforgettable by taking your camera to record all the amazing memories you’ll make during your vacation. Ensure you bring enough memory cards and batteries too.

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