box-img6As the world is taking strides to move towards a new era in the lighting industry, we have been trying to keep pace with the changing winds and have been able to bring forward some of the best LED light products to serve our customers better. Utilizing the experience of ten years in business development, we proudly present the best quality LED driving lights and LED light bars to our customers.

It has been our constant endeavor to provide our customers with the best LED light bars. The LEDs that we offer to our customers have set a benchmark in the market with the high lifespan which ranges between 30,000 to 50,000 hours. We understand the requirements of the drivers and
hence have designed our range of LED driving lights in a way that it fulfills the hidden dreams of every driver. Our LEDs are easy to install and are extremely energy efficient, which causes nil damage to the vehicle and at the same time offers a nice and comfortable driving experience to the drivers who do frequent night driving.

We have a strong team of Quality control and research and development who have been working relentlessly to understand the needs of the customers and design LED driving lights and LED light bars which will comply with international quality standards like ISO 9001 and at the same time will be able to meet the customers’ needs at any given point of time, which is a constant endeavor of our Quality control team to find out areas of opportunities wherein we can raise the bar of quality of our products even further higher.

As it is, LED is known for a certain set of benefits like low color temperature, almost zero emission and huge life span. Our LEDs offer all these benefits and on top of these, we also try to serve our clients better by offering the Best quality LEDs with set of added advantages, operating in flood, spot as well as in combo beam which is a uniqure feature. Depending on the road conditions and the lighting requirements the driver may select from any of the three models and drive safely along the darkest of roads that one would get to drive on. By fitting the LED light bars, driver will not get to see the roads better, but the light which is brighter than daylight will enhance their confidence levels during night driving as well.

The quality features that we offer with our huge range of LED light bars are as follows:

  • Extremely high levels of brightness
  • Highest longevity that ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours
  • Polycarbonate lens which is optically clear
  • Ideal for designing of top circuits
  • Diecast alloy house which makes it more durable
  • One of the strongest resistance of IP67/IP68 rate
  • Power coated finish

With the help from our QC & RD teams, we have been able to manufacture best quality LED driving lights and LED light bars complied with ISO 9001 standards, compatibly suitable to be fitted on kinds of different vehicles like 4x4s, campers, off road trucks, boats and ATVs etc. It is our commitment that we would be delivering the best of the products and one would be easily be able to make out the difference by using our LED driving lights over the regular lighting solutions. We ensure that all our products are made to pass through stringent QC processes before they are being released into the market.